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Empowering Women with information 

Knowledge and awareness supports change.

Women all over Cyprus struggle daily with the effects of perimenopause. Most of us don't even realise that many of the symptoms we are experiencing in our bodies and our brains are a direct result of changing levels of estrogen once we enter our 40's. 

We are constantly told that until our menstruation stops for a whole year or until we are in our early 50's, we are not in Menopause.

And yet, our brains may be undergoing important and irreversible changes once our estrogen levels begin to drop.

Latest science shows that supplementing our estrogen levels as soon as we begin

to notice the first signs of Perimenopause (usually hot flushes) can fundamentally reduce the risk of developing Altzheimers, dementia and osteoporosis in later years.

The Hard Truth


Symptoms associated with perimenopause - it's not just about hot flushes and insomnia


of Women in Cyprus

are not informed about possible perimenopause symptoms due to lack

of education by gynecologists


of Women in Cyprus only consider HRT only once their periods completely stop 

So what can we do?


The first step is educating ourselves. Arming ourselves with knowledge & resources and talking about our symptoms with each other can help many other women begin their journey into understanding the changes going on in their bodies.


Being aware can help us take control of our bodies and empower us to demand and receive the help we might need.


Don't be afraid to ask your gynecologist or GP questions about your symptoms, perimenopause and HRT. 


Many of them have not been taught about the impact of this life-changing stage in a woman's life and it's up to us to educate them!  It's your body and it's your right to demand answers and dig deeper if you don't feel well. Advocate for yourself and find a  doctor who will support you and give you what you need!

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